Monthly Archives: March 2021

USPTO Patent News

For years the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has taken a hardline approach and rejected trademarks for products containing cannabis.  The government’s position has been that the products are illegal.  With changing marijuana laws, and perhaps a new administration, I’d expect to see the government soften its position, and ultimately, reverse course.  In perhaps a sign of the times, the Patent Office recently allowed a patent for a psychedelic containing cannabinoids.

Lubbock Trademark Report – February 2021

A whopping twenty-three (23) trademark applications were filed by applicants with a Lubbock address in February.  The trademark applications for products included drinkware, cotton, software, clothing, an imaging apparatus for small animals, blankets, furniture, trees, and pharmaceuticals.  Trademarks filed for services included warehousing services, retail store services, accounting services, auto body repair services, consulting services, computer security services, sporting entertainment services, marketing services, recruiting services, catering services, and educational services. Two trademarks were registered in February 2021 for backpacks and surgical services.