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USPTO Patent News

For years the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has taken a hardline approach and rejected trademarks for products containing cannabis.  The government’s position has been that the products are illegal.  With changing marijuana laws, and perhaps a new administration, I’d expect to see the government soften its position, and ultimately, reverse course.  In perhaps a sign of the times, the Patent Office recently allowed a patent for a psychedelic containing cannabinoids.

Lubbock Trademark Report – February 2021

A whopping twenty-three (23) trademark applications were filed by applicants with a Lubbock address in February.  The trademark applications for products included drinkware, cotton, software, clothing, an imaging apparatus for small animals, blankets, furniture, trees, and pharmaceuticals.  Trademarks filed for services included warehousing services, retail store services, accounting services, auto body repair services, consulting services, computer security services, sporting entertainment services, marketing services, recruiting services, catering services, and educational services. Two trademarks were registered in February 2021 for backpacks and surgical services.

Lubbock Trademark Report January 2021

Nine (9) trademark applications were filed in January by applicants listing a Lubbock Texas address.  The applications for goods included clothing, magazines, and face masks. The applications for services included retail store services, lending services, broadcasting services, and hair salon services. In January 2021, fourteen (14) trademark applications were registered.  The registrations for goods included shaved ice, clothing, and DNA kits. The registrations for services included auto body repair, educational services, retail store services, and live airshow performances.


I’ve never been to Evermore Park where you can apparently watch ax throwing.  And according to my top 2020 songs list compiled by Spotify, I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift last year.  Anyway, Evermore Park is hurling its trademark infringement ax at T-Swift over the name of her Evermore album.  I don’t think anyone is going to be confused.        

Lubbock Trademark Report – December 2020

December 2020 was the 2nd highest month this year for U.S. trademark applications originating from persons or entities in Lubbock, Texas. Fifteen trademark applications were filed in December.  The trademark applications for products included clothing, eyewear, prepackaged school supplies, soda, downloadable music, and smoking supplies.  Trademarks filed for services included restaurants, gaming services, educational services, and temporary loans. Five trademarks were registered in December 2020 for surgical services, consulting services, and inventory management.

Michael Jordan’s Emotional Damages

When I read this story about NBA legend Michael Jordan being awarded emotional damages for misuse of his name in China, I’m reminded of the emotional damage I’ve suffered because I foolishly traded off his 1986-87 Fleer rookie card.  Wish I could undo that trade from 30+ years ago.  I probably need therapy to help me sort through this.          

Lubbock Trademark Report – November 2020

Ten trademark applications were filed by applicants with addresses in Lubbock in November 2020. The trademark applications for products included clothing, hats, stickers, CD’s, posters, tote bags, water bottles, and smoothies. Trademarks filed for services included film production; insurance agencies; real estate services; advertising; educational services; apartment leasing; and continuing education services. Five trademarks were registered in November 2020 for leather goods, ballet performances, clothing, construction services and pet goods.

Fraudulent Offers to Trademark Registrants

Unfortunately U.S. trademark owners continue to get fraudulent offers promising to renew their trademarks.  The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office is fighting back against these sham offers, but be careful!  Call us if you have questions about a solicitation you have received.  Don’t be misled.